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About TCC Faculties


Qualifications: Maulana Azad College, University of Calcutta-B.Sc zoology Calcutta University - M.Sc in Neoroscience.
Work Experience: 12 years of experience in tutoring

Reason to Join TCC

The Times that we live in, education has become an industry - a booming one for that matter. Brand names, extravagant classrooms and poshness of the set up are enough to dazzle the parents who desire nothing but solid education. Amidst all these eye-washes, tee provides a homely for kids to learn atmosphere instead of having batches of 100 student in one session, the teachers at TCC work with smaller batches of students to ensure quality education. The doors of the institute is always open to inquisitive students and we strive our best everyday that to ensure we can help a child Excell.

Prospects of Biology

Biology, that is taught IN the schools of India is a mother subject that encompasses various disciplines. Students pursuing can biology in+2 go on to pursue:

  • M.B.B.S
  • Streams like zoology, botany,psychology,physiology
  • Phamaceutical industries
  • Biotechnology B.Tech

Our Focus

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In The Age of the pandemic, when all classes are being held via online virtual media,it has become necessary to use tools such as presentations and online quizzes to make classes interesting for children. My approach in both online and offline classes include providing IN depth knowledge of the topic and follow it up with a quick assessment. It is important to keep parents updated at every step of their wards progress.I feel it is extremely important to help student understand the subject rather than just mug up. My approach to teaching has resulted in excellent grades among sincere students.

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