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American University
About me
Aditi Prasad

Study : American University

Chemistry : Score 87%

Aditi Prasad from American University scored 87% (Chemistry ) in her sophomore year that’s come under Grade A .As their university Average was 74 and median was 79 .and her was 87 which is far good than their average and median.

About me
Rhea Kulkarni
IB Set Score

Physics : 650/800

Chemistry : 690/800

Maths : 680/800

Rhea Kulkarni also scored 6/7 in Physics HL and 6/7 in chemistry HL and 6/7 Maths HL ,also we can mention her SAT subjects score of PCM which is 2000+ out of 2400 (Physics : 650/800 Chemistry : 690/800 , Maths : 680/800).


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