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Special Cases

Our Improvement

Athrav Pandey

He came to us in the Month of November when he was in 11th.Might someone doesn’t believe he doesn’t know even to do ½ + ½ you can think of the situation. But finally in 12th by our hard work and obviously of the student he not only brought good marks like 82% in Chemistry , 80% in Maths and 70% in Physics which was not a good a marks but great from student point of view as we know his condition , he also improved in his behavior and he stops doing all other stuff which waste his time earlier Its not big other than magic.


Same situation was with her as of Athrav Pandey.We all need to work hard .Conduct separate classes .We teach even till 11:30 Pm with them sometimes and again in morning we start with them at 5 AM. Finally, she brought 70% all over in PCM in her 12th exam.


Student of 8th Standard (CBSE) Joined us in the month of December with 12.5% marks in Maths as well as similar in science moreover he kept losing interest in his studies which resulted that school said that they will not able to promote him to 9th std. seeing his situation.

In the month of January –Feb the test conducted in school his marks were

  • Maths : 90%
  • Science : 85%
  • SST: 95%
  • English : 84%


She became our favourite student by her dedication and learning on a continuous basis and when improved then also keen to learn. Everyone Marks decreases as the classes rises and when its ICSE Board one of the tough board to be considered.If we talks about marks then when she joined in 8th her parents (Thanks to Mr Dharmesh) who trust us as we were new in this area and send their child with full belief ,was in single digit which soon convert to 80% a big change and when in 9th (Considered tough in comparison to 10th or 8th) she again rises to A2 Grade all in her subject Physics, Chemistry ,Maths and Biology.

Aditya Patil

Student of 12th Standard IB Board(International Board , one of the toughest board).He took Home tuition facility of Tayal Coaching Classes. He took the classes for Chemistry and Mathematics. His grades Pointer was 3/7 in both Chemistry HL (High Level) and 3/7 in Mathematics SL( Standard Level) when in August he start taking Classes. Earlier he said I am good in Chemistry but actually he was wrong ,however we have seen its most of the parents and students thought that if their child bring good marks they start thinking that they are good but this totally wrong as they should test their basic knowledge which they never check and suffer later on in 11th and 12th which totally require conceptual knowledge.

His Grades Now : 7/7 -> Chemistry (A much Improved in concepts as well greatly appreciated by his teacher in school)

6/7 Maths (Verge to reach 7/7 as depicted by his teachers in school as his maths level has much increased)


Student of CBSE Board who Joined in 9th standard .She scored C1 in Science and C2 in Maths in 8th and Joined Tayal Coaching Classes in 9th (Which is considered tough class in comparison to 8th) .Now in finals she scored A2 in Science (Long Jump from C2-> A2) and A2 in Maths (High jump from C1 to A2) Additional she get motivated and look studies now fun.

Shruti Borgaonkar

Targets have been achieved in just1.5 months efforts starting from scratch.

  • Physics : 95%
  • Chemistry : 94%

Soham Kamble

This student Become Exceptional as he Started Studying from last 1 Month Before exam for 12 th from scratch and Prepared BITS in Just 1.5 month

  • 12th PCM : 76%
  • BITS Score : 94%

Soham Kamble

Student of 12th who again become an exceptional case as he came to us 10 days before his 12th boards exams..

And he don't know even the chapters name of his 12th Physics even after studying from a reputed famous institute.

There by with the hard work of Himanshu sir and his team accepted this as a challenge and done a magic in just 10 days working and teaching and motivating with him day and night bring out 52/70 in his Physics 12th boards.

Moreover later he joined MH- CET crash course with us and considering time situation he scored well in that too..near about 90 percentile..


JEE Mains score 164


JEE Mains score 155


JEE Mains score 135

Rhea Kulkarnn


  • Phys : 650/800
  • chem : 690/800
  • Math : 680/800

Nikhil Jagtap

  • 12th CBSE : 80%
  • Bits Score : 240


  • Maths : 80%
  • Science: 88%
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